Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles: Omnibus 06

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Created by: Yuri Kitayama (Story) & Riv (Illustrations)

Rio's quick thinking saves Miharu from Takahisa's rampage in the nick of time. Masato desperately seeks advice from the others in hopes of salvaging Aki's future from the stain of his cooperation with the disgraced hero. But a trip to Count Claire's estate leaves Rio with the unexpected task of escorting Princess Christina and her party to Rodania as they flee from Beltrum's Royal Guard, led by Charles Arbor himself. The group stays one step ahead thanks to Sara and the other spirit folk girls, giving Christina time to reckon with her inability to apologize to Rio. In the shadows, Reiss pursues Rio on his own, moving his pawns to slowly but surely ensnare him!

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