How pre-orders work:

  • Here at Manga Bound, you can pre-order the newest manga volumes and titles at least a month in advance. Pre-ordering helps ensure you will get the latest volumes of your favorite manga and the newest titles you may be interested in or have been waiting for. It helps us expand our range of manga and to understand what kind of manga you may want to see us sell in the future. Pre-ordering also helps support your favorite manga and their creators!
  • Available pre-order months will be displayed underneath the “Pre-order” menu item. Customers will be notified through email newsletters and social media of upcoming pre-orders.
  • Each pre-order period will have a cutoff date where we will stop taking pre-orders and the relevant pre-order month and related products will be removed from the pre-order menu.
  • When you pre-order a manga, we only accept online payment orders. Preorders with Cash on Delivery as payment will not be accepted and will be canceled.
  • Customers will have the opportunity to cancel their pre-orders or request a change to add/remove specific pre-orders before the cutoff date. Once the cutoff date is reached, you cannot cancel or change your pre-orders. To request a change, please email directly or through the contact us page.
  • Manga pre-orders will have their official release dates displayed alongside their titles (These dates may be subject to change as per the publishers of the respective manga). In the case that the official release dates of manga have changed and you have pre-ordered such manga, we will notify you of this change and you can inform us whether to change your pre-orders or cancel them.
  • If customers make an order that includes both preorders and in stock items, customers will have to wait until the preordered items have arrived and are in stock before the order ships out
  • We advice customers to separate pre-orders from their in stock orders to avoid longer than usual wait times. Take note that we do not ship partial orders.

Warning! Due to the current ongoing global supply chain situation around the world, many stores and suppliers are experiencing shortages of products and supplies. Manga has also been affected by this ongoing situation and many stores, including Manga Bound, will be experiencing possible delays in stocking current and new titles and volumes.

The cutoff dates are not by any means official cutoff dates, but our suggested dates by which we will order new products for customers ahead of time in order to ensure as much inventory as we can from our supplier. We hope you will understand that you may have to wait longer than usual for your pre-orders, but we promise to ensure you will get them as soon as possible.

If we are fortunate enough to receive manga on schedule, customer pre-orders will be sent out the soonest after their official release dates.