Opened in December 2021, Manga Bound is a UAE-based online store, specializing in the sale of manga. It is run by a passionate fan hoping to help support the rising manga culture in the UAE and, in the future, the rest of the GCC.

All current and future manga titles are and will be ordered and shipped straight from the US through official publishers and channels. I aim to always stock the most in demand titles, ensuring that all manga fans in the UAE can get the latest volume of their favorite series.

I hope to increase the store's selection of titles beyond the more well-known and popular series, bringing new manga for those that are looking for something different, unique, and interesting for UAE manga fans. However, if you can’t find the series or if you are missing a volume that's out of stock in the store's lists, let me know and I will be happy to help you get it if I can.

I'm hopeful you will choose Manga Bound as your number one destination to buy your manga. Thanks for dropping by!



Owner of Manga Bound