Currently, we are a strictly online store. We do not have plans to set up a physical shop yet.

However, that doesn't mean it won't be a possibility in the future!


We currently ship to customers in the UAE and countries in the GCC region (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman).

We currently do not ship to customers in countries beyond the UAE and the GCC region.

Orders of in-stock manga will take up to 2-3 business days to processed and then shipped to your location. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

Our stores primarily uses SHYFT to ship all our manga products as quickly and securely as possible to customers within the UAE.

In the event that our primary carrier isn't able to pickup and deliver our orders due to complications such as reaching maximum daily order limit, we employ Aramex as a secondary carrier.


We always aim for make sure our customers love our products, but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help. Head to the Returns and Refunds page to see our returns process.

If you received an item that you did not order, please contact us with the order number and the name and volume number of the wrong item. We will take all procedures to return the shipment and resend it to you without any additional costs.

Simply log in to your account, click on “My Account” and choose “Orders” and from there, you will be able to view everything you have purchased from our website.


Of course! All our manga are from official English publishers.

Got any new or older manga recommendations you'd like us to sell? Send us an email at or contact us through the contact page form with the subject "Recommendation" and the series title.

Additionally, you can pre-order future manga releases. Please read the pre-order FAQs to learn the pre-order process.

Interested in a specific manga, but don't see it in our store?

Send us an email with the subject title: "Manga Request", and if we are able to order your title we will place an order for your specific manga and will keep you notified when we receive it. Be warned: depending on the title, it may take weeks or perhaps over a month for your order to arrive.

Please understand that there are genres of manga that we can't sell due inappropriate subject matter as per the customs and cultural sensitivities of the United Arab Emirates and the GCC region.

If there is a title that you are thinking of requesting from us to add to our catalogue of manga or for us to order for you personally, but directly falls into the categories of: Shounen Ai, Shojo Ai, Yaoi, Yuri, or Hentai, we will not sell said title nor will we order any titles of the stated categories.

Restocking sold out manga and older titles and volumes will have issues. There are series with supply stock sold out entirely, and some with a number of volumes unavailable for ordering. Depending on the popularity of the manga series, our supplier may receive stock frequently, rarely or almost never.

While it is tricky to know when we will receive manga stock, rest assured that we will try our very best to get your favorite manga in stock in our store.


Once you've placed an order, you will be immediately charged. Once we've been notified of your order, we will take stock of your ordered items.

Once all your products have been confirmed we will then proceed to be shipped out to you. Your order status will be changed to fulfilled.

Our store uses PayTabs to process payments.

As such, we accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Mada, Apple Pay and STCpay

Want to call customer support?

Chat with us through the chat icon below or call/WhatsApp/Telegram us directly at 050-338-5893

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