Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 3 Volume 05

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Created by: Miya Kazuki (Story) & You Shiina (Illustrations)

Rozemyne needs only one more ingredient for her jureve: the ruelle fruit she failed to gather the year before. With it, she and Ferdinand can finally brew the potent potion that will make her a normal, healthy girl. Well, probably...

She funnels her excitement into advancing the paper-making industry and gathering more support, all to create a world with more books for her to read. As winter approaches, however, the political struggles between nobles intensify. Various plots unfold and sow discord within the temple, and what happens next will forever change not just Rozemyne's future, but her new little sister's fate as well.

Shocking developments bring Part 3 to its climactic conclusion! This volume also includes short stories leading into Part 4, and four-panel manga drawn by You Shiina!

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